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Welcome to my new blog! I started blogging on and off several years ago, but this blog is a new beginning for me. In many ways I now feel like a new person, someone totally different than, let’s say, 2 year ago. Since then I’ve graduated from Make Up For Ever Academy, become a mommy to my little baby boy and…found myself I guess. I want to share some of this new positive mindset with you as well.

At work I am a marketing communications and PR pro, specializing in beauty and lifestyle, which both are my passions. As I’m also a beauty and makeup junkie, graduating from Make Up For Ever Academy was my dream for a while. And btw, I did it while working full time and being pregnant. In my blog I write about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and as something new also about baby things. Although I love fashion and beauty, I also love being mother, so it felt quite natural to also bring this part of me to my blog. Even though I probably won’t share everything about my personal life, I still wanted to share a bit more this time. That’s why my blog name is LENA & LEON. Lena is what my parents call me and Leon is the name of my little boy.

For now I may not be able to write daily, but trust me, I’m trying my best! I want to continue studying and learning more about makeup. I’m also planning to go back to work one day. But for now I’m at home and as writing and taking nice pictures is something I really enjoy, I hope I will be able to focus on this blog. I’m always open to any ideas, suggestions or cooperation! If you have anything on your mind, you’re welcome to contact me!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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